Find the proceedings of PIARC's International Seminars on

Find the proceedings of PIARC's International Seminars on

The World Road Association (PIARC) aims to encourage international cooperation in the field of road and road transport and to "play a leading role in knowledge exchange on policies and practices in an integrated and sustainable transport context". To do so, it draws on its broad membership base (121 national governments) and geographical diversity.

In addition to the congresses it organizes every four years (World Road Congress and International Winter Road Congress) and which constitute leading international platforms for the dissemination of its productions and the sharing of knowledge, PIARC also organizes international seminars and workshops. These are organized with the assistance of PIARC Technical Committees and Task Forces, which bring together more than 1,200 experts. During the 2016-2019 cycle, more than 20 seminars have already been organized and many more are planned.

The program and proceedings of PIARC International Seminars are posted online after each seminar. You can consult them on PIARC's website.

These International Seminars also have a regional vocation:

  • To better understand the needs of developing countries and countries in transition
  • To promote exchange and transfer of knowledge by involving a greater number of participants from these countries

For each of them, the proceedings put on line on the PIARC website make it possible to find:

  • Announcements of the seminar
  • A summary of the seminar
  • The seminar program (per day)
  • Presentation and communication support (PDF, PPT format)
  • The main conclusions
  • A photo slideshow

Among the seminars and conferences of the current PIARC cycle (2016-2019) whose proceedings available online are (non-exhaustive list) :

  • For Strategic Theme A (Management and Finance): International Seminar "Achieving Successful Road Transportation Through Effective Management and Organization" (April 2018)
  • For Strategic Theme C (Safety): International Conference on "Road Safety - A commitment to the present and a challenge for the future" (April 2018); International Seminar "Current Policies to Enhance Traffic Safety and Future Directions" (November 2017)
  • For Strategic Theme D (Infrastructure): International Seminar "Road Tunnels in Low and Medium Income Countries" (October 2017).
  • For Strategic Theme E (Climate change, environment and disasters): International Workshop "Disaster Management for Road" (May 2017).
PIARC YouTube channel

It is thus possible to consult online the proceedings of PIARC's International Seminars since 2001. For some of them, a video is also posted on PIARC's YouTube channel.

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