Editorial - Newsletter March 2018

Patrick Malléjacq, Secretary General

Dear readers,

One of the main missions of the World Road Association is to disseminate knowledge. To this end publish online manuals.

Four online manuals are currently available, on Road safety, Tunnels operations, Road network operations and Intelligent transport systems, and Asset management. A fifth one is being prepared, on Risk management. They are excellent resources, and provide a comprehensive overview of their topic, in addition to regular reports. What's more, they are well structured in chapters and offer numerous case studies as examples. They are accessible free of charge and are very easy and attractive to use, thanks to advanced functions such as a search tool or pdf download. These manuals can be read on a regular computer as well as on tablets or smartphones. I encourage all our members and readers to use them and, if needed, to contact us for additional topics or issues that they would like to see covered.

PIARC is online but we have our feet firmly in the real world. We also organize dissemination through more time-tested means, namely reports (50 new ones are expected by 2019), Congresses and seminars (30 seminars over a work cycle), and thematic conferences. The next ones are:

- the 8th SURF conference, on Surface Pavement Surface Characteristics, which we organise with ARRB in Brisbane (Australia), from 2 to 4 May 2018;

- the 1st International Conference on Road Tunnels Operations and Safety, which we organise with CETU and CF-AIPCR in Lyon (France), from 3 to 5 October 2018.

Please mark them on your agendas!

Kind regards,

Patrick Malléjacq

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