New issue of PIARC's Routes/Roads magazine, all about winter road service

The new issue of the World Road Association's quarterly magazine is now available in an electronic version, as well as in hardcopy

Many countries are not presently focusing on road network expansion or densification, but instead on resource optimization and use of existing networks. Such a shift in approach requires constantly improving both organizations and practices. The provision of winter road services is highly dependent on the organizations already in place given that such services cannot be easily scheduled in advance. These considerations become more pressing as climate change results in extremely volatile winters or winter weather patterns, between heavy snowfall and, in contrast, a complete absence of any road-related weather event.

How about altering our modes of consumption and pursuing lifestyles that generate fewer trips and rely less on transportation services? How should extreme conditions and climate change be handled? What's the best way to assimilate and better utilize the vast quantity of information at our disposal? Which facilities and products are best suited to the various contexts encountered? What is an appropriate response to issues surrounding the urban setting and road safety? Lastly, which directions will the management and planning of future winter road service take?

Such are the underlying questions that to a large extent have permeated and triggered discussion at all technical sessions of PIARC's 2018 International Winter Road Congress (15th edition) in Gdansk (Poland). As a sneak preview, this issue of Routes/Roads is pleased to provide you with a few "selected highlights" extracted from some of best papers of the Congress.

You will also discover the beauties of Polish roads, communications from France or United Kingdom.

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