Road Tunnel Reconstruction: A meeting of international experts was held in Montreal

From April 2 to 5, an international delegation of tunnel experts met in Montreal to celebrate the PIARC D.5 Technical Committee meeting on the operation of road tunnels

Montreal, 2 - 5 April 2017


The purpose of this reception, coordinated by the PIARC-Québec Committee in collaboration with the General Directorate of Major Road Projects, was to deepen the work carried out successfully during the previous work cycles in the field of "Road Tunnel Operations", in particular the updating of the Road Tunnel Manual and data on the sustainable use of tunnels, as well as in the optimization of the safety and security of underground road networks.

Ms Anne-Marie Leclerc, the Honorary President of the World Road Association and Assistant Deputy Minister for Engineering and Infrastructures, gave the opening address of the meeting to 25 members of the Committee (including two from Quebec), from nearly 20 countries.

In addition, in collaboration with the Association québécoise des transports (AQTr), the Committee D.5 set up a technical session on tunnel rehabilitation as part of the programming of the 52nd Annual Congress and Transport Fair of the Association, an exercise of importance for the valorisation of PIARC's mission and a good opportunity to forge links between Québec and international experts. For example, five speakers from France, Italy, South Korea, the Netherlands and Belgium presented the participants with their plans to repair tunnels and improve safety.

Technical Committee Members D.5 gathered at the Department. Photo: François Barsalo, MTMDET.

Besides, a technical visit to the Ville-Marie/Viger tunnel, one of the two largest tunnels in Canada (the other one is the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine tunnel), was organized by the Directorate General of Major Road Projects.

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