Road Safety Manual acknowledged by the United Nations

The World road association (PIARC) is proud that its Road Safety Manual has been acknowledged on 15 April 2016 in the United Nations' resolution A/70/L.44 on road safety.

Road Safety Manual - World Road Association

The UN General Assembly and its Member States adopted a resolution on "Improving global road safety". The resolution, which was tabled by the Government of the Russian Federation, was co-sponsored by 55 governments.

Thanks to the effort of the USA's Federal Highways Administration, PIARC's online Road Safety Manual was acknowledged as an important international effort in UN resolution A/70/L.44.

PIARC developed its Road Safety Manual to help countries at every stage of infrastructure development to fulfill road safety objectives. It is aligned with key pillars of the UN decade of action.

The World Road Association (PIARC) has established Technical Committees to update and promote the use of its online manual.

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