Kick-off meetings of 2012-2015 Technical Committees

These meetings are organized in Paris La Défense (France).

The members appointed by their government will directly receive practical information in February.


Strategic Theme 1 - Management and Performance - Tuesday 6 March to Thursday 8 March

TC 1.1 Performance of Transport Administrations

TC 1.2 Financing

TC 1.3 Climate Change and Sustainability

TC 1.4 Road Transport System Economics and Social Development

TC 1.5 Risk Management

Strategic Theme 3 - Safety , and Committee on Terminology
Tuesday 13 March to Thursday 15 March

TC 3.1 National Road Safety Policies and Programs

TC 3.2 Design and Operations of Safer Road Infrastructure

TC 3.3 Road Tunnels Operations

Strategic Theme 2 - Access and Mobility - Tuesday 20 March to Thursday 22 March

TC 2.1 Road Network Operations

TC 2.2 Improved Mobility in Urban Areas

TC 2.3 Freight Transport

TC 2.4 Winter Service

TC 2.5 Rural Road Systems and Accessibility to Rural Areas

Strategic Theme 4 - Infrastructures - Tuesday 27 March to Thursday 29 March

TC 4.1 Management of Road Assets

TC 4.2 Road Pavements

TC 4.3 Road Bridges

TC 4.4 Earthworks and Unpaved Roads

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