Quantitative Risk Assessment Model for Dangerous Goods Transport through Road Tunnels

1st, 2 and 5 February 2007, Paris / Verneuil-en-Halatte, France

Seminar and Training Courses organised by the PIARC Technical Committee C3.3 Working Group 2: Management of tunnel safety and Ineris.

The Seminar (1st February) provided an introduction to the DG-QRA Model developed by PIARC and the OECD to evaluate the risks of dangerous goods transport through road tunnels. Topics: the background to the development of the DG-QRA, an overview of the new ADR regulations and associated risk assessment requirements, and a description of the technical capabilities of the software. Case studies have been presented for a number of countries.

Language: English

List of participants

On 2 and 5 February, Training Courses provided an introduction to and hands-on experience of using the QRA Model to study practical tunnel applications.

Language: English

The registration fee of this training session did not include the supply of QRAM software.

Presentations made during the Seminar held on 1st February

Background to the development of the DG-QRA (Didier Lacroix, C3.3 Chair)

Overview of new ADR regulation (Judith Critchley, UK)

Overview of the DG-QRAM (non technical) (Emmanuel Ruffin, France) 

French framework for use of the DG-QRAM (Nelson Goncalves, France)

Case study - France (Philippe Pons, France) 

Case study - UK (Robin Hall, UK) 

Case study - Austria (Katharina Botschek, Austria)

Case study - Czech Republic (Ludvik Sajtar, Czech Republic)

Future developments, training and user support (Robin Hall, UK) 

Detailed programme
of the Seminar
(1st February)

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Detailed programme
of the Training Session
(2 February)

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