ITS Handbook - 2nd edition

Following the success of the ITS Handbook 2000, the PIARC Technical Committee on Network Operations has completed a new extended edition. This new edition takes care of the experience gained over the last years, it provides information about the status of implementation of ITS technologies in 33 countries and presents 39 detailed case studies.

Contents of the Handbook include:

  • What are Intelligent Transport Systems?
  • How do Intelligent Transport Systems work?
  • What about ITS architecture and standards?
  • What are the benefits of ITS?
  • How do I plan ITS?
  • How do I launch ITS?
  • What about ITS in transitional countries?
  • What about ITS in the long term?
  • 39 ITS case studies (technical and non-technical)
  • 33 ITS country profiles
  • Human factors in IT
  • SITS unit costs
  • Bibliography.

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