PIARC and the International Tunnelling Association (ITA) have elaborated a special issue of Routes/Roads (Issue N°324, October 2004) on safety and fires in road tunnels.

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This 132 page issue includes articles on:

  • A comparative analysis of the Mont Blanc, Tauern and Gotthard tunnel fires,
  • Design criteria for resistance to fire of road tunnels,
  • A presentation of the new Directive 2004/54/EC on road tunnel safety; and
  • The activities of both associations regarding road safety in tunnels.

One single copy of this special issue can be purchased for:

18 Euros (normal postage included) for European Union countries,
23 Euros (normal postage included) for other countries.

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This special issue marks the completion of several reports from PIARC Technical Committee on Road Tunnels. Th eCommittee's objective has been to improve the safety and efficiency of road tunnels. The reports are entitled:

This reports complete previous technical reports as:

For more information on the contents of these reports and/or to order them, click on the link.

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