Elections by the PIARC Council

Colin Jordan (Australia) was elected PIARC President for the 2005- 2008 period.

He will take over from Olivier Michaud from 1st January 2005.

In addition the Council renewed the Executive Committee for the same period:

  • Anne-Marie Leclerc (Canada-Québec) and Francisco Criado Ballesteros (Spain) were elected PIARC Vice Presidents,
  • Nazir Alli (South Africa), David Anderson (Australia), Ginny Clarke (United Kingdom), Oscar De Buen (Mexico), Mario R. Fernandez Rodriguez (Chile), Riccardo Formica (Italy), Wolfgang Hahn (Germany), Keiichi Inoue (Japan), Eero Karjaluoto (Finland/NVF), Gheorghe Lucaci (Romania), Carlo Mariotta (Switzerland), Jean-Mathieu Mbaucaud (Congo), Charles D. Nottingham (USA), Têlé David Olodo (Benin), Julio César Ortiz Andino (Argentina), Patrice Parisé (France), Peter Pengal (Slovenia), Claude Van Rooten (Belgium), Tan Sri Dato' Ir. Zaini Bin Omar (Malaysia), were elected members of the Executive Committee.

Friedrich Zotter

Friedrich Zotter (Austria) was elected as the new representative of National Committees on the Executive Committee.

He will succeed Brenda Baird in this position.

The Council elected Hiroshi Mitani (Japan) PIARC Honorary President.

Hiroshi Mitani was President during the 1997-2000 period.

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