Use of innovative technologies for road maintenance

October 25, 2018 - Yokohama (Japan)

All presentations made during the conference-debate in Yokohama on 25 October 2018

Event Country Speaker

Presentation 1 - Use of Innovative Technologies for Road Management in Japan


Yoshitomi Kimura, Director Road Structures Department, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Presentation 2 - Digitalisation in Asset Management


Friedrich Zotter, President, PIARC Austrian National Committee

Presentation 3 - Decision Making for Road Maintenance Based on Big Data


Dr. Chengli Chang, National Engineering Research Center of Road Maintenance Technologies

Presentation 4 - New innovations to the road maintenance in Finland


Raimo Tapio, Finnish Transport Agency

Presentation 5 - Use of Innovative Technology for Road Maintenance in Germany


Birgitta Worringen, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Presentation 6 - Pavement management systems and their significance to the road maintenance


Dyonisos Makris, General Director of Transport Infrastructures

Presentation 7 - OPENROADS - ITS meets Asset Management


Eduardo Feio, President, Institute for Mobility and Transports

Presentation 8Innovative technologies for road maintenance in Spain


María del Carmen Picón, Coordinadora, Ministerio de Fomento

Presentation 9 - Innovative Road Maintenance Spotlight - The U.S. Deployment Model in Action


Hari Kalla, Associate Administrator for Research Development and Technology, FHWA

Slideshow of the conference-debate in Yokohama

Hiroshi Dobashi & Yoshitomi Kimura
Friedrich Zotter
Raimo Tapio
Birgitta Worringen
Dyonisos Makris
María del Carmen Picón
Hari Kalla
Eduardo Feio