2008-2011 Technical Committees

The first meetings were held in Paris La Défense.

The Technical Committees met per Strategic Theme according to the following calendar.

(*) The D2 sub-committees will meet in parallel (no plenary session of D2).

Strategic Themes - Committees


ST C - Safety of the Road System
C.1 Safer Road Infrastructure
C.2 Safer Road Operations
C.3 Managing Operational Risk in National and International Road Operations
C.4 Road Tunnel Operations

26-27 March 2008

ST D - Quality of Road Infrastructure
D.1 Management of Road Infrastructure Assets
D.2 Road Pavements (*)
- D.2.a. Road surface characteristics
- D.2.b Flexible and semi-rigid pavements
- D.2.c Concrete pavements
D.3 Road Bridges
D.4 Geotechnics and Unpaved Roads

 1-2 April 2008

ST A - Sustainability of the Road Transport System
A.1 Preserving the Environment
A.2 Financing, Managing and Contracting of Road System Investment
A.3 Road System Economics and Social Development
A.4 Rural Road Systems and Accessibility to Rural Areas

Committee on Terminology and Translation Assistance

 8-9 April 2008

ST B - Improving Provision of Services
B.1 Good Governance of Road Administrations
B.2 Road Network Operations
B.3 Improved Mobility in Urban Areas
B.4 Freight Transport and Inter Modality
B.5 Winter Services

15-16 April 2008

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