Conference-discussion, Madrid, 23 November 2006

After the road maintenance in 2004 and the involvement of the private sector in 2005, "Actions in order to promote road-based public transport in the interurban road network accessing to cities" was the theme selected for presentations and debates during the annual meeting of the council.

Here are presentations given on that occasion.





New bus lanes in the road network

J.R. Alférez  


Tram-Busway in Continuously Reinforced Concrete
with Coloured Surface

C. Van Rooten


Comparison between transport modes for access to cities
and innovations in the motorway sector

P.F. Treglia


Actions to promote road-based public transport
in Japan

T. Nawata


Highway network development plan for Malaysia

A. Mutalif

Nazir Alli, First Delegate of South Africa, then animated the debate on subjects as access to the cities of disadvantaged populations, institutional aspects, participation of the multilateral agencies, social aspects, etc.