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Guía para la organización, contratación y formación del personal de explotación de túneles de carretera

  • Fecha : 2011
  • Autor(es) : Comité technique 3.1 Sécurité routière / Technical Committee 3.1 Road Safety
  • Campo(s) : Seguridad Vial / Movilidad urbana / Diseño de carreteras interurbanas
  • Ref. AIPCR : 2011R01EN
  • ISBN : 2-84060-199-0
  • Número de páginas : 385

This guideline is a comprehensive catalogue of design safety problems and countermeasures that outlines the common types of design failures in a definitive guide for road engineers and professionals working in the road transport sector. With the UN Decade of Action soon to be launched by the World Health Organisation and a commitment to reduce road deaths through careful planning and innovative solutions the guidelines provide an excellent resource for road agencies and the private sector. The guidelines have included input from technical experts from over 15 countries and demonstrate the latest international approaches being used to address safety during the planning of road projects.

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Road safety audit guidelines for safety checks of new road projects
Guide sur les audits de sécurité routière pour l'évaluation de la sécurité dans les nouveaux projets routiers

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