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Implicación del sector privado en la construcción, el mantenimiento y la explotación de las redes de carreteras

13 October 2005, Beijing

After the road maintenance in 2004, the involvement of the private sector in the construction, maintenance and operation of the road network was the theme selected for presentations and debates during the annual meeting of the council.

Here are presentations given on that occasion.





PPP: the experience of Québec (presentation)

A.M. Leclerc

China (P.R.)

PPP in China

Zhang Jianfei


Long-term benefits of a policy of concession resort (presentation)

D. Hucher


Motorway concessions in Italy
(text) (published in Routes/Roads n° 329, January 2006)

R. Formica


Privatisation of four highway-related public corporations
in Japan (presentation)

H. Taniguchi


PPPs for road development in Mexico (presentation)

O. De Buen


Private sector participation in road development, maintenance and operations in Tanzania (presentation)

W. Lyatuu


Performance of the 2nd generation "FER" and of the small and medium-sized firms in the field of the road network maintenance and operation of Togo

A. Amoussou-Ghenou 


PPPs in providing highway transportation: the US experience (presentation)

A. Kane