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September 2020

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Dear colleagues and friends,

Slightly less than a year after it took place, the Final Proceedings of the XXVIth World Road Congress are available. Our Congress in Abu Dhabi attracted 42 Ministers of Transport, 7 keynote speakers, 150 exhibitors, over 5,000 delegates from 145 countries. They were treated to a programme of 75 sessions and workshops, 500 oral presentations, 243 posters. The Final Proceedings of the Congress are presented as a very comprehensive website, which contains the general report of the Congress, the Congress programme, introductory reports and conclusions of the sessions, individual papers selected by the Technical Committees and Task Forces from the proposals received to the call for papers, national reports produced by PIARC member countries… On behalf of the Association, I would like to thank all those who have made such a success of this Congress [...]

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Claude Van Rooten


Road Safety - PIARC’s commitments are acknowledged by the United Nations 

Safety is at the heart of PIARC’s agenda since the first World Road Congress in Paris in 1908. Road Safety is recognised as a cross cutting issue for the 2020 – 2023 PIARC work cycle. The Association implements several actions to improve road safety worldwide on a sustainable basis, and collaborates with other international organizations within the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC):

  • PIARC Road Safety Manual, a reference highlighted by the United Nations
  • “Ten Step Plan Pilot” in Tanzania, a project funded by UN Road Safety Fund

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World Road Day 2020 

11 October 2020

On 11 October, World Road Day is celebrated as a day to remember the place that roads have in our societies, our economies and our lives. The date of 11 October has been chosen to commemorate the First World Road Congress in 1908, the origin of PIARC. Initiatives in different countries around the world are trying to highlight the importance of properly designed and maintained roads to connect people and power our economies.

The Spanish National Committee, ATC, will support this initiative via Twitter with messages about the role of the road in our daily lives.

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PIARC shows its gratitude to its members 

During the Executive Committee meeting held in Abu Dhabi on 3 October 2019 prior to the XXVIth World Road Congress, three new honorary members were appointed: Richard CHARPENTIER (Canada-Québec), Yolande DANIEL (France) and Friedrich ZOTTER (Austria). Honorary members are appointed in recognition of outstanding services to the Association or of distinguished contributions to progress in matters relating to roads or road transport.

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Experts from the USA present the positive experience of engaging with PIARC 

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) - PIARC’s USA National Committee – produced a video which highlights the international collaboration made possible by PIARC. In this video you will hear from enthusiastic experts in the areas of safety, highway construction, engineering, and freight about the professional and personal rewards they have gained by participating in PIARC, including the possibility to meet some of the top experts in the world, to share information and experiences and to learn from each other. This video was made in January 2020 when AASHTO and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) met to introduce USA experts to the work of PIARC and how the Technical Committees operate.

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PIARC’s participation in LATAM Infrastructure Virtual Forum

2 – 4 September 2020

Miguel Caso Florez, PIARC Technical Director, presented PIARC perspectives in the “LATAM Infrastructure Virtual Forum” about the current situation, challenges and opportunities of road infrastructure. Ministers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru participated in this event, which allowed PIARC to disseminate its products among professional and senior infrastructure authorities of Latin America.

Strategic Planning and Communication Commissions meetings 

18 – 23 September 2020

The Strategic Planning Commission met online on 18, 21 and 22 September to review the progress of PIARC Technical Committees and Task Forces in this first year of the 2020-2023 working cycle. Two new Task Forces will be launched: TF 2.2 “Electric Road Systems” and TF 4.1 “Road Design Standards”.

The Communication Commission also met on 23 September to discuss the communication strategy that will be put in place for the 2020-2023 cycle in order to develop knowledge sharing and exchange worldwide.

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A new study on the new uses of mobility has just been published 

Routes de France, the European Road Federation (ERF) and France’s Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (FNTP) have just published an international benchmark study on new mobility uses, in collaboration with the Federation of the European Construction Industry (FIEC) and the Confederation of International Contractors' Associations (CICA). The study, published in English and French, covers 20 countries around the world. It takes stock of the new uses of mobility (autonomous, connected, electric, active, etc.) and their impact on road infrastructures and their equipment.

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30th International Baltic Road Conference: Call for papers is extended until November 1, 2020! 

Participants wishing to present a paper are invited to submit an abstract not exceeding 250 words related to the seven themes of the Conference by November 1, 2020: Future Mobility, Strategic Planning & Road Financing, Road Construction & Innovative Materials, Bridges, Traffic Safety, Road Routine Maintenance, Smart Road Solutions & ITS, Environment, Climate Change & Energy Efficiency.

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@PIARC_Roads is very proud to contribute to the actions of the United Nations in the field of road safety. Our online manual is thus cited as a reference in the preamble!


What contribution does road transport make to sustainable development and economic development? Find out in PIARC's new report 

PIARC's new report "The Contribution of Road Transport to Sustainability and Economic Development" is based on case studies from high, middle and low income countries. These show the positive contribution of roads to local, national and international challenges [...]

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Innovative Approaches to Asset Management 

“Asset Management” as defined in ISO standards 55000, aims to enable an organization to obtain value from assets. They offer a structured approach to asset management by focusing on implementation of “risk-based, information-driven, planning and decision-making processes and activities that transform organizational objectives [...]

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General Principles to Improve Accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility in Road Tunnels 

General Principles to Improve Accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility in Road Tunnels The report provides the general principles that apply when making allowances for persons with reduced mobility in road tunnels. The means of facilitating their ability to raise the alarm [...]

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PIARC Events

Meeting of the Road Statistics Committee

October 05-06, 2020

Meeting of Technical Committee 3.3 Asset Management

October 06-08, 2020

Meeting of Technical Committee 3.2 Winter Service

October 07-09, 2020

Meeting of Technical Committee 3.4 Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport

November 02-06, 2020

PIARC Webinar on the lessons from the COVID crisis

October 14, 2020 (in English)

PIARC Executive Committee

October 19-21, 2020

Council decisions

November 16-20, 2020
Online voting

PIARC will be there

2nd Webinar: “Autonomous Driving and Smart Roads”: Tests in progress with autonomous vehicles and digital roads in Italy 

October 06, 2020

PIARC freight session at the virtual ITS conference with involvement of TC 2.3 committee members 

October 08, 2020 from 11:15am - 12:15pm (EST).

Conference on "Shaping the Future of New Mobility" 

October 14, 2020

LATAM Infrastructure Virtual Forum II 

October 20–22, 2020

WebForum "Sustainable and Resilient Roads" 

October 29, 2020 

Joint virtual workshop – RESIST, FORESEE, SAFEWAY & PANOPTIS: « Increasing the Resilience of European Transport Infrastructure » 

November 10, 2020

National PIARC Committees

First virtual talk in Ecuador on “Sustainable mobility in urban areas”

October 19, 2020

Pre-XVIII Argentinean Congress on Road and Road Transport 

November 11-12, 2020

10th International Conference on Safety and Ventilation in Tunnels 

December 01-03, 2020
Graz (Austria)

Find all the events in the calendar! 

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