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February 2021

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Dear colleagues and friends,

The "Road Safety Manual" is a reference which was developed by PIARC to share road safety knowledge with the greatest possible number of people. The manual started in 2003 as a printed compendium. Since 2015, the manual is presented in a new form: a website, accessible to all, free of charge. It is based on the principles of the Safe System and on the United Nations road safety pillars. It is structured in twelve main chapters which are intended to be educational, as each subject is accompanied by case studies and numerous illustrations, and it benefits from tools such as a glossary and search functionalities [...]

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Patrick Malléjacq
Secretary General of PIARC


(Re-)Discover PIARC’s latest webinars on Covid-19 and Electric Road Systems! 

February 2021

February was a good month for webinars at PIARC with two Covid-19 webinars on 17 and 24 February, focussing on the detailed Technical Report which was published in December 2020, including lessons learnt so far and way forward, and one on Electric Road Systems on 17 February.

Did you miss one of them? Do not worry, all three webinars are online! You can also download the presentation as a PDF in English, French or Spanish on the PIARC website.

>> Discover the ERS webinar

>> Watch the latest Covid-19 webinars

Take part in PIARC Technical Committees surveys! 

March 2021

Several Technical Committees have created surveys to help them gather data for their work for the 2020-2023 cycle.

  • TC 3.1 Road Safety
  • TC 1.5 Disaster Management
  • TC 4.3 Earthworks (two surveys on Resilience of Earth Structure after Natural Disasters and on Innovations and Unusual Techniques in Earthworks)
  • TC 1.4 Climate Change and Resilience of Road Networks

These surveys are great opportunities for all to share their knowledge and expertise.

The four surveys are available in English, French, and Spanish – the deadlines are between 5 and 31 March 2021.

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CEDR and PIARC signed a new Memorandum of Understanding! 

In the framework of the « Beyond a Tunnel Vision » conference, organised by CEDR and COB (NL) in November 2020, PIARC and CEDR signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deepen their cooperation and play to the respective strengths of the organisations. This includes sharing information about each other’s projects and activities, coordinating and to avoiding overlap of activities, and in some cases even establishing joint projects.

This is one of PIARC’s many partnerships with the so-called “regional road organisations” such as DIRCAIBEA in Latin America, AGEPAR in French speaking sub-Saharan Africa, and REAAA in Asia, or with international organisations such as the ITF OECD, the World Bank, etc.

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Meet the Chairs of Task Forces "Electric Road Systems" and "Road Design Standards" for the 2020-2023 Work Cycle! 

Technical Committees have a 4-year work cycle to explore their subjects in detail. Task Forces, however, focus on emerging topics and have shorter delivery times and more compact mandates. This is because their topics are urgent, and PIARC member countries need a quicker answer. All Technical Committees started their work cycle in January 2020, while the two new Task Forces, with their shorter work cycle of only 2 years, kicked off in November. 

Watch Jan Pettersson, chair of Task Forces 2.2 Electric Road Systems, and Mariusz Kieć, chair of TF 4.1 Road Design Standards, present the work of their respective TFs for the 2020-2023 work cycle.

>> Watch their interviews here!

PIARC in more than 40 languages! 

Linguistic diversity is important to us! In addition to French, English and Spanish, our website sometimes presents documents in other languages. The tunnels online manual is available in ten languages, for example.

In this context, PIARC has just opened a page dedicated to "other languages" on its website. PIARC ‘s presentation brochure is already available in about forty languages. Technical reports will be added to it, if and when they are translated. Any country wishing to offer PIARC documents translated into its national language is invited to contact the General Secretariat.

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Renew your membership safely by credit card on PIARC’s website 

Good news for all wanting to renew or start their PIARC membership! It is now possible to pay by credit card on the PIARC website with 3D Secure.

Participate in the international road community, receive the quarterly magazine Routes/Roads and the Congress proceedings, and join PIARC today!

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Call for abstracts for the 14th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 

The Polish Cement Association and EUPAVE are organising the 14th International Symposium on Concrete Roads from 19 to 23 June 2022 in Krakow, Poland. A wide range of 11 themes covers all aspects of concrete pavements, and a special focus will be given to all sustainability issues. There are also two special sessions focused on base layers and concrete block paving. The list of themes can be found here.

Experts in these fields are called to attend this Symposium and contribute with a paper and a presentation or poster. Anyone interested is invited to submit an abstract, around 300 words, written in English.

>> Submit your abstract before Monday 29 March 2021!


“The World Road Association @PIARC_Roads has the Environment as one of its work axes.

We invite you to consult its articles, publications, events and more on the environment-road relationship at PIARC website

“The #RoadSafety Manual from @PIARC_Roads is now available in #Spanish

Consult for free this excellent tool that will help you improve road safety in your country and is adapted to any state of development of road infrastructure”


Adaptation Methodologies and Strategies to Increase the Resilience of Roads to Climate Change 

Climate Change is anticipated to have a significant impact on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of global road infrastructure. The IPCC Climate change projections indicate that the earth will become warmer, some regions will become wetter and [...]

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Truck-Traffic on Highways for Sustainable, Safer and Higher Energy Efficient Freight Transport 

This report presents research and findings on management and operation of truck traffic on highways and motorways for efficient and environmentally friendly, safer and energy efficient freight transport.

Appendices to this report present various good practices on management [...]

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Preserve earthworks and rural roads from impact of climate changes 

This report puts together good practices on the various regional approaches to the impacts of climate change on roads and little hydraulic works.

It includes the definition of the climate parameters that had to be taken into account, the definition of a rural roads and the terminology of the structure [...]

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PIARC Events

3rd meeting of the Technical Committee 3.3 "Asset Management" (Reserved to PIARC members only)

02-04 March 2021

4th meeting of the Task Force 3.1 "Road Infrastructure and Transport Security" (Reserved to PIARC members only)

05 March 2021

Webinar: PIARC and COVID-19 (in English)

24 March 2021 (13:00, Paris time)

Webinar: PIARC and COVID-19 (in Spanish)

07 April 2021 (13:00, Paris time)

PIARC will be there

16th REAAA 2021 Conference 

17-19 March 2021
Manila (Philippines)

PIARC National Committees

Issues for sustainable roads and ecoinfrastructures: new challenges in the context of Energy and Climate 

17-19 May 2021
Polish National Committee

Find all the events in the calendar! 

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