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July and August 2020

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Dear colleagues and friends,

The first word that everyone needs to remember this fall is of course "caution", because the COVID-19 virus is still raging, and everyone must preserve their health and help protect others.

Allow me to add two more words, which I believe reflect the values and missions of our Association:

"Exchange": Face-to-face meetings remain constrained by the pandemic, but we continue to share knowledge, for example through the PIARC webinars. The last one to date, on July 29th, brought together nearly 250 participants. Note the next PIARC webinar dedicated to the COVID crisis and the responses in the road world already; it will take place on September 30th, in Spanish. The experts of our 22 Technical Committees and Task Forces are at the heart of our activities. They will be holding their working meetings in the fourth quarter: these will be held by videoconference, and will enable them to advance their discussions and, in some cases, the drafting of reports, in order to share best practices and recommendations on the topics identified by our Strategic Plan [...]

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Patrick Malléjacq
Secretary General


COVID-19 Crisis - Share your experience with PIARC! 

August 31, 2020

How can road administrations, road operators and other road transportation organizations best deal with and manage the COVID-19 outbreak?

Following 5 months of intensive work and webinars, PIARC launches a global survey on COVID-19 and roads. Fill in the survey, in English French or Spanish.

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Submit your abstract before 30th November 2020 and contribute to PIARC next World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress! 

July 16th, 2020

The XVIth World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress will focus on "Adapting to a Changing World" and will be structured around two Themes: Winter Service and Resilience. PIARC has launched a call for papers on 15 topics in order to contribute to the Congress.

All international road and transport experts are invited to submit abstracts.

Do not wait any longer and submit you abstract here before 30th November 2020!

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The Final Proceedings of the XVth International Winter Road Congress are now available on the PIARC website 

August 26, 2020

More than 1,000 attendees from 42 different countries took part in the XVth International Winter Road Congress, held in Gdansk (Poland) from 20 to 23 February 2018. They included the heads of four Transport Ministries (Poland, Japan, Lithuania, Montenegro) and numerous road directors. 

The Final Proceedings of the XVth International Winter Road Congress are now available, as a dedicated website.

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PIARC participated in the "Road Conference 2020"

June 24-25, 2020 – Bratislava (Slovakia)

The event was organised by the Slovak Road Association, which also performs duties of the PIARC National Committee, and this year commemorates the 30th anniversary of its foundation. In a rich discussion with the participation of the Minister of Transport and Construction, Mr Andrej Doležal, the contributions of the heads of the ministry, construction organisations and road infrastructure administrators were delivered. In a block of presentations called “From Abu Dhabi to Prague” the participants were informed on assets of the last World Road Congress and challenges associated with fulfilling the PIARC Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 period, as well as the preparation and implementation of the Prague Congress.

PIARC participated in the First Virtual Conference of the Paraguayan Road Sector organised by the National Committee of Paraguay

July 07, 2020

Miguel Caso Flórez, Technical Director of PIARC, was invited to share the knowledge developed by PIARC on COVID-19 and roads, in this National Day that counted with the participation of the Minister of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay, Mr. Arnoldo Wiens. The central issue of the day was the management of works during the pandemic, in order to continue offering services, preserve jobs and support the economy, without spreading the virus, an issue that is central in several countries and about which PIARC has developed knowledge.

PIARC National Committee in Poland expands its activities to webinars with international experts 

July 2020

In July two events took place - the first one with Jaspers (organization within the framework of EIB) on the realized project between Polish Road Administration GDDKiA and EIB in the field of adapting roads in Poland to climate change and at the end of July a webinar of the Visegrad Group (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) was held on “Mobility after COVID-19: the perspective of the Visegrad Group". 

This meeting was held in English, we invite you to watch the recording of the event.

>> All online activities are available on the Polish Road Congress channel on YouTube 

Read the newsletter of the Belgian National Committee of PIARC 

June 2020

In the June 2020 newsletter, the Belgian Road Association (ABR-BWV), which is also the Belgian National Committee of PIARC, reviews the Key Lessons for the Road Community from the first PIARC webinars on COVID-19. They also invite us to a day to discuss the 2019 Congress in Abu Dhabi next October 13.

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N° 384/385 — 26th World Road Congress, Abu Dhabi, General Report 

The double issue 384/385 of Routes/Roads is mainly devoted to the general report of the 26th World Road Congress, held in Abu Dhabi from 6 to 10 October 2019. 82 dense and richly illustrated pages depict the highlights of this exceptional event.

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Road Tunnels: Vehicle Emissions and Air Demand for Ventilation 

Data collection and methodologies to derive fresh-air volumes are similar to those described in PIARC's previous reports concerning emission estimations for ventilation design. However, the emission rates found in older reports are [...]

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Green Paving Solutions and Sustainable Pavement Materials 

This report summarizes the current state-of-the practice for sustainable pavement techniques and the incentives used to encourage their use. Green paving solutions were identified in addition to identification of barriers to their wider [...]

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PIARC Events

Recycled Pavement Applications - Industry Contributions to PIARC TC4.1

September 10, 2020 (11:00 AM - US EST)

Meeting of the Technical Committee 3.4 "Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport"

October 05-07, 2020

Meeting of the Technical Committee "Asset Management"

October 06-08, 2020 (9:00-12:00 AM - US eastern time)

PIARC will be there

LATAM Infrastructure Virtual Forum 

September 02-04, 2020

UNRSC Webinar: The Ten Step Plan for Safer Road Infrastructure 

September 09, 2020 (2:00-3:30 PM - CEST)

PIARC National Committees

13th National Transportation Infrastructure Conference 

October 01-03, 2020
Nessebar (Bulgaria)

2nd Webinar: “Autonomous Driving and Smart Roads”: Tests in progress with autonomous vehicles and digital roads in Italy 

October 06, 2020

10th International Conference on Safety and Ventilation in Tunnels 

December 01-03, 2020
Graz (Austria)

Find all the events in the calendar! 

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