Routes/Roads has now an electronic access !

Routes/Roads Magazine electronic version - World Road Association

Your Routes/Roads magazine, already published in a paper version and downloadable in PDF from PIARC Website, is from now on available in electronic format.

Routes/Roads Magazine on Mobile - World Road Association

Can be read on all supports! Office computer and laptop, tablet, smartphone....

You can as of now access it on the Website:

Issues 358 to 363 are already online.


The characteristics of this magazine, for readers connected with their PIARC identifier, are the following ones:

Routes/Roags Mag Content - World Road Association

Full publication of the main rubrics of the paper version: editorial, features, news, road stories, national committees, young professional

Download Routes/Roads Mag - World Road Association

Possibility to download each article separately in PDF

Related Topic on Road Safety - World Road Association

Related articles are suggested

Comment Articles - Association mondiale de la Route

Possibility to write comments on the articles

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