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Members’ area

The members’ area is a space that contains information that is considered to be useful to TC members’ work. This includes up-to-date correspondence from the General Secretariat, members’ lists, minutes of meetings and work programmes. We are interested in knowing how relevant this information is to your work and we are interested in your suggestions for information that could be made available in this space.

Q1 a. How often do you use the members’ area of the PIARC website ?


PIARC’s TC workspaces contain several functions or tools which are meant to assist the work undertaken by the TCs, and to ease communication between members, particularly in the time between meetings. These tools include the folders and the forums: The folders are there to ease the process of distributing files between TC-members, and to enable several members to work on one document. The forums allow TC-members to publish discussions, queries etc. Since adoption by PIARC, these tools have had limited success. A few TCs use the folders function actively, however activity on the work-space forums has been, sporadic at best.


PIARC is looking into the use of so-called webinars, or web-conferencing, a tool that allows live meetings or presentations over the internet. If used correctly, it has advantages over email and telephone conversations and can, in some instances, replace live meetings.