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1. What is the purpose of your visit of the website?

2. What is the information you looked for on the website by the current visit today?

3. Did you find the information you were looking for?

4. How do you know about this website?

5. How often do you visit the website

Questions on the user-friendliness of the website

6. How would you rate the ease of navigation and locating within the website :

7. How would you rate the readability of the website?

8. How would you rate the organization of the content of the website?

Search engines

9. Have you used the search engines of the website

The results of the search were:

Two open questions on the content of the website

11. Would you be interested by one or different kinds of forums of discussion on this website or by other means of electronic communication?

1.Question to know you a little

12. I am (or I was) an individual member of the World Road Association

13. Age bracket

14. My professional activity is in direct relation to the road sector

15. Would you accept to answer by interview or E-mail, to some additional questions, in order to deepen some of your answers