N° 325

Happy New Year with new President, Executive Committee and magazine outline

1st Quarter 2005 / January


Contents of Routes/Roads magazine N° 325


  • by Colin Jordan

What's new?

  • Calendar
  • Events
  • News
  • Update : France, Sub-Saharian Africa
  • Interviews:
  • JF. Corté about the new R/R and the correspondents network
  • Paris 2007: H. Peigné / P. Parisé, the crossed interview
  • Reports : Australia, Belgium, Mexico, Quebec, Switzerland


  • STI Handbook by John Miles
  • Technical Committee Reports: C1 - C11 - C12 - C15


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96 pages, bilingual French-English.
PIARC President: Colin Jordan (Australia)
Director of Publication: Jean-François Corté
Editor in chief: Gilbert Batac
Publications Advisor: Céline Le Graciet
Publishing Assistant: Cécile Aurousseau
Translations: Marie Pastol, Kevin Riley
Correspondents Network: Alejandra Gutierrez-Soria, Catherine Berthod, Guillaume Tessier, Philippe Lemoine, Murray Kidnie
Printing, diffusion: IMB Groupe Corlet (France)
ISSN : 0004-556 X