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N° 381

Road Asset Management

2nd Quarter 2019 / June


Contents of the issue N° 381 of Routes/Roads Magazine


  • by Patrick Malléjacq


  • WHAT'S NEW? Update on the World Road Association's Actions
  • UPDATE: Mexico: Numerical Modelling of a Pavement Taking into Consideration Moisture Conditions and Type of Foundation Level

Spotlight on young professionals - Omar Viveros Carrera (Mexico)

Forum for National Committees: Tunisia

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64 pages, English, distribution: 2,350 copies towards 142 countries.
PIARC President: Claude Van Rooten (Belgium)
Director of Publication: Patrick Malléjacq
Editor: Robin Sébille
Publishing Assistant: Cécile Jeanne
Translations: Marie Pastol (PIARC), Id2m, Rennes (France), Isabelle Chemin, Isabelle Couté-Rodriguez, Robert Sachs
Printing: IMB (France) ; Diffusion: GIS (France)
Price of a single copy: 20 €
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ISSN : 0004-556 X

Authors may or may not be members of the Association (How to submit). Articles are subject to peer review, with technical committees of PIARC or outside experts to decide on publication. Information on the life of the Association completes the magazine.

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XXIInd World Road Congress

RR382, Features are dedicated to the World Road Congress of Abu Dhabi

3rd quarter 2019, to be published for the World Road Congress of Abu Dhabi, begining of October 2019.

Authors may or may not be members of the Association (How to submit). Articles are subject to peer review, with technical committees of PIARC or outside experts to decide on publication. Information on the life of the Association completes the magazine.


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