VIth World Road Congress - Washington 1930 - National reports


First Section: Construction and Maintenance

  • Question 1: Results obtained by the use of (A) cement, (B) bricks or other artificial paving
  • Question 2: The most recent methods adopted for the use of tar, bitumen, and asphalt in road construction
  • Question 3: The construction of road in new countries, such as colonies and undeveloped regions

Second Section: Traffic and Administration

  • Question 4: Ways and means of financing highways. (A) Road construction (B) Maintenance
  • Question 5: Highway transport. Correlation and coordination with other methods of transport. Adaptation to collective (organizations) and individual uses.
  • Question 6:
    1) Traffic regulation in large cities and their suburbs; traffic signals; design and layout of road and adaptation of traffic requirements in built-up areas.
    2) Parking and garaging of road vehicle.

Washington 1930

World Road Congress - Washington 1930 - World Road Association