Vth World Road Congress - Milan 1926 - National Reports


1st Section: Construction and Maintenance

  • Question 1: Concrete Roads. Progress achieved in the use of materials for the construction of roads in cement concrete. Conclusions.
  • Question 2: Bituminous and Asphaltic Roads. Qualities required of the materials employed : binder, aggregate
  • Question 3: Standardisation of test for the following Roads-Materials. Coal-tar, bitumens and asphalts

2nd Section: Traffic and Administration

  • Question 4: Census of Traffic. Search for uniform international bases for adoption in every country.
  • Question 5: Development and Planning of Towns in interests of Traffic. Progress achieved ln the general control traffic in towns
  • Question 6: Special Roads Reserved for Motor Traffic. Conclusions

Milan 1926

World Road Congress - Milan 1926 - World Road Association