IInd World Road Congress - Brussels 1910

At the closing ceremony of the First International Road Congress, Lagasse-De Locht, First Delegate of Belgium, suggested to hold the second congress in Brussels during the 1910 World Fair.

The Congress took place in Brussels from 31 July to 7 August 1910. Thirty-eight nationalities were represented, 32 of which by official government delegates, for a total of 2118 participants.

In his opening speech, the minister of Public Works, A. Delbeke, said: "We may in truth assert: Via Vita. The road means prosperity of the people. It is Civilisation, Fraternity, Life!"

That is what inspired PIARC's motto "Via Vita".

For more information: note on the Brussels Congress.

Brussels 1910

World Road Congress - Brussels 1910 - World Road Association