Toll motorways

This article presente the results of a very extensive survey of the status of toll motorways in europe, which illustrates the efficienency of the toll road system very well. At the end of 1992, 13 European countries had part of their road system costs directly met by users; in particular, tolls were levied on 16 239 km of road, of which 15 537 km were motorways. On the basis of an agreement signed in Brussels, the twelve member nations of the Europeas Community (EC), at the time, reached an understanding about the fiscal regime to be applied to road transport on the EC's roads. The concept of adopting a single toll charge wsa accepted by five EC countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark. The paper specifies the national situation about motorways in many countries, from which it is possible to prepare a summary of data, problems and prospects. This is done for the following countries: the twelve member states of the EC in 1992, eleven other EuropeanCountries, the state of Pennyslavia in the USA, Japn, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

Information sheet

  • Date : 1995
  • Domain(s) : Road Policies / Financing of Road System / Road Network Operations / Road Assets Management
  • PIARC Ref. : RR288-053
  • Number of pages : 24

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