Strategic Theme B - Access and Mobility

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to encourage the improvement of access and mobility provided to the traveling public and industry through efficient road network operation and integration with other transport modes.

Technical Committees

Task Forces


The Strategic Theme for Access and Mobility will include four (4) Technical Committees and one Task Force. Strategic Theme B recognizes that road authorities provide a service to the community and industry, acknowledging these groups as customers. At the heart of this issue is the need to provide predictable services and to ensure that the resilience of the network is at an appropriate level.

Obtaining maximum benefit from existing network infrastructure is a priority for many member countries. Improvements to capacity, reliability, safety, energy saving and the use of new traffic technologies and cost-effective applications are particularly important whether achieved by interfacing with other modes and/or the use of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Technical Committee B.1 (Road Network Operations/Intelligent Transportation Systems) will examine these issues providing updates to the ITS/Road Network Operation Manual developed in the 2011-2015 cycle and supporting dissemination and implementation support strategies. It will also examine the issue of Big Data and its applications to road transport. 

Road networks are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of winter weather. Maintaining acceptable levels of service in a constrained financial environment can be particularly challenging. Issues such as sustainability and the impact to the environment of wide-spread treatments and practices are to be considered. Technical Committee B.2 (Winter Service) will study these issues in addition to actively preparing the technical program for the 2018 Winter Road Congress.

Technical Committee B.3 (Sustainable Multimodality in Urban Regions) will compare strategies of mobility, identifying transport policies and strategies from high income countries and low or middle income countries to improve travel choices and accessibility in the context of the acute demands imposed by urban conditions. 

Effective and efficient freight transport is an essential contributor to every economy. Technical Committee B.4 (Freight)will examine issues surrounding multi-modal and road cargo transport and will review practices related to energy-efficient movement of freight.

The use of technology in road operations presents both challenges and opportunities. Task Force B.1 (Road Design and Infrastructure for Innovative Transport Solutions) will identify major considerations in the development and deployment of technology enabling Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication.  

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