Introducing our new Website

Following the adoption of the new Strategic Plan for 2004-2007 the website of the World Road Association (PIARC) has been reorganized into three main parts:

- the public website,
- the space for members only,
- the work spaces dedicated to various groups.

The public website contains information about PIARC activities and projects, PIARC publications and how to order them, the World Interchange Network, and the calendar of events for road and road transport issues.

The space for members contains:

  • documents relating to the operation of the association,
  • minutes of all Technical Committee meetings and Council meetings,
  • a number of publications (for the moment a selection of articles of the « Routes/Roads » magazine),
  • a means of sending on line an information request to one of the relays of the World Interchange Network.

More services and additional benefits will be made available to members in the coming months.

Right of access to the various spaces varies according to your position within PIARC. The Secretaries of Technical Committees (TC) will soon receive instructions on how to manage the spaces that will allow TC members to have access to working documents and documents related to the preparation of meetings (invitations, practical information, agenda, etc.).

The Spanish version of the website is currently under preparation. To date only a few headings in the public website are available. The Spanish version of the website will be developed progressively and according to demand.

If you have any questions or if you experience difficulties accessing or navigating the website, please send a message to

The website is an important working and communication tool for PIARC and we look forward to receiving your suggestions on its content and format.

Jean-François Corté
PIARC Secretary General

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