PIARC Online Manuals

PIARC has published three interactive electronic Manuals, which are available online free of charge. These compendiums address Road Safety, Road Network Operations and ITS, and Tunnels.

Road Safety Manual

Road Safety Manual - World Road Association

The new Road Safety Manual (RSM) is designed to help countries at every stage of infrastructure development to fulfil road safety objectives. It includes new thinking on road safety and offers a clear argument on why adopting a Safe System approach is crucial for your country.

Manual accessed free of charge at roadsafety.piarc.org (currently in English only, French and Spanish versions to follow).

RNO & ITS Manual

RNO/ITS Manual - World Road Association

This electronic manual on RNO & ITS is a comprehensive, regularly updated handbook helping practitioners to alleviate road congestion. Road Network Operations (RNO) concern methods that contribute to safer and more efficient travel for road users. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) concern a wide range of services that use information and communications technology that can improve transportation and mobility.

Manual accessed free of charge at rno-its.piarc.org (currently in English only, French and Spanish versions to follow)

Road Tunnels Manual

Road Tunnels Manual - World Road Association

The Road Tunnels Manual is an update of the previous website tunnels.piarc.org and reproduces all previous contents. The Manual covers the aspects related to the use of road tunnels, i.e. geometry, tunnel equipment and related maintenance, operation, safety, and environment. It includes all reports and articles produced by the Technical Committee on Road Tunnels Operations since 1995.

Manual accessed free of charge at tunnels.piarc.org (in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Czech)